Symplectic is the front-end system used to deposit articles into ORA and organise them in preparation for the next REF.

Configuring your Symplectic account

Log into Symplectic by clicking here and using your usual SSO.

On the Home tab, click on My Data Sources.  

Enter your name (e.g. surname, initials) and address (e.g. "Oxford University" and "University of Oxford") for database searches for your papers.

In the list of Data Sources, ensure that Scopus, Web of Science and maybe PubMed are checked, and NOT arXiv (due to problems with the integration between arXiv and Symplectic).

If you have a Scopus account, click on the + to the left of the Scopus label and enter your details.

Next, move to the Profile tab and enter your details here.

Problems with Symplectic

Symplectic is still under development, and does not yet work perfectly.  In particular, there are three known problems:

1) When you have uploaded PDF files, it seems as if you can click on them to check they have been correctly uploaded -- this does not work.

2) Sometimes when going to the main page you get a 404 (page not found) error -- just click on the Home tab.

3) There is a problem when doing Deposit on Acceptance for papers which have previously appeared as arXiv articles under the same title. On the first page you are asked to enter the title to search for an existing match within the Symplectic system.  The purpose of this is to save you effort if a co-author has already deposited the paper, but it causes problems if it matches to an earlier arXiv pre-print. In this case, the best thing is to use the Skip option on the first page to avoid the match, and then enter the details as usual.  It is for this reason that we advise not using arXiv as a Data Source -- Symplectic is really just for papers which have been accepted for journal/conference publication.

Symplectic FAQs

The university has provided a webpage with FAQs here.  In particular this includes help on:

1) I have Acted on Acceptance but recent articles are not appearing at the top of my list

2) How do I add a Date of Acceptance (DOA) to an already 'claimed' publication record?


Please report any problems to Mike Giles or the UAS Symplectic Elements helpdesk: