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IT Support

The recommended method of reporting a problem with the computing facilities is to email IT help: @email

Generally, when IT queries are incorrectly sent to an individual IT officers personal e-mail address, the query will be bounced into the request tracking system.

Note there is also a webform to send an IT help request in which may be useful if you have a problem with your email but have a working web browser.

Information on other ways to contact IT help are listed below. However, it is quite likely if you report a problem in person or by phone and it cannot be simply answered on the spot that you will be asked to log the request by sending clear details to @email

Email sent to @email gets automatically logged to an IT help request system (called RT) and assigned an identity number. All members of the IT Team read the mail sent to IT help, and the request system allows us to allocate tasks easily and track progress on the problem.

When emailing IT help please try to follow the guidelines below:

  • Keep to one subject per message so that the req identity number always tags a single problem.
  • Make the subject meaningful. Subjects like "HELP!!!" are more likely to hinder us in solving your problem.
  • When sending further info, either reply to the automated reply or include the request number in the subject in the form [ #<num>] subject
  • Include useful information such as
    1. What machine/printer were you using? (machine name or number from asset sticker)
    2. Where is the machine/printer (eg St Giles' Building, S9)
    3. What were you doing when the error occurred?
    4. What was the exact error message?
    5. If the problem relates to a specific file please state the location

The IT staff, however, are real people and can be visited in person or phoned too. They are

  • Stuart Burchell (S0.40): +44 1865 2-73629
  • Matthew Brechin (S0.41): +44 1865 2-73517
  • Roozbeh Jamali (S2.44): +44 1865 6-15300
  • Zafeirios Galanopoulos (S2.43): +44 1865 6-15350
  • Dave Miller (S3.19): +44 1865 6-15170
  • Waldemar Schlackow (S4.18): +44 1865 2-80610
  • Keith Gillow (S3.18): +44 1865 2-80605

Other general contact details

For further information on the request system and IT strategy see the IT Notices and Policies.
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