It is intended that a major feature of this course is that candidates should show a broad knowledge and understanding over a wide range of material. Consequently each lecture course taken will receive an assessment upon its completion by means of a test based on written work.

To pass the course, candidates must obtain passes on at least five mini projects that include two on courses from Section B and two at the Schedule II level (these need not be distinct) and for the dissertation. 

Candidates must offer at least four courses from among those available in Michaelmas and Hilary Terms. No candidate may offer more than four courses in one term

Candidates should complete their dissertation by early September, and will be orally examined on the dissertation and the background material to it.

The written assessment on each lecture course will be made by giving the candidate a mini projects to develop and candidates will be required to sign a statement that the work offered for assessment is theirs alone. The mini projects will be set at the start of the last week of the relevant lecture course and will be suggested by the course lecturers.

For further information see the Examinations Conventions in the "Information for current students" section which explain in greater detail how candidates are assessed.

Information on examinations in previous years can be found in past Examiners' reports:

Internal Examiners' reports

External Examiners' reports


Examples of dissertations

These dissertations were amongst the top 6 in 2021-22

J Codsi 21-22.pdf

T Laakonen 21-22.pdf

T Schwarz 21-22.pdf

J Kudla 21-22.pdf

H Bambury 21-22.pdf

S Pohmann 21-22.pdf


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