Connecting your laptop / wifi device to the network

Laptops and other wifi devices should generally use one of the following wireless networks:

  • eduroam wireless network (recommended for mobile phones and laptops that just need an internet connection) - common across many european universities and hence a good choice for both people from other Oxford departments (use your university remote access account details) as well as those already setup for eduroam from other universities. For more information on eduroam, including setup instructions for various OSes, see
  • The Cloud wireless network for public access. Can be used by anyone and hence useful if a person does not have an eduroam account. When you connect to the network if you open a browser it should take you to a portal page to register / connect.
  • MATHS wireless network (recommended if you need to use departmental services like printing or file sharing, only for laptops). You will need to authenticate to the network using your Maths user account. See connection instructions for Windows 7.
  • OWL - Oxford Wireless LAN. Useful for those visiting the university in other departments where this is used who are also then occasionally in a maths building (generally a legacy system now that may be discontinued in the future)

    Unmanaged subnet restrictions

    Any personal machine connected to the MATHS network is considered untrusted and as such may only be connected to a separate subnet using DHCP (see the IT policy).  

    You may also wish to see the page on laptop services.