Season 2 Episode 1

OOMC Season 2 episode 1. Penrose Tiles with Flora

Flora's back on the livestream with Penrose tiles! We'll show you why the Penrose tiling is special, how it's constructed, and why it works. There's also a bit where James and Flora try to remember the digits of pi, with mixed results.

April 2021

  • Theta invariants of Euclidean lattices and infinite-dimensional Hermitian vector bundles over arithmetic curves / Jean Benoit Bost. Birkhauser, 2020. Series: Progress in mathematics 334
  • Spectral theory : basic concepts and applications / David Borthwick. Springer 2020. Series: Graduate texts in mathematics 284.
  • Ergodic dynamics : from basic theory to applications / Jane Hawkins. Springer 2021. Series: Graduate texts in mathematics 289.


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