The Reddick Lecture

The Reddick Lecture 2023

Date: Friday 23 June 2023, 16:15

Where: St Catherine's College, Bernard Sunley Theatre

Speaker: Professor Pete Grindrod CBE

Title: Mathematics: underpinning innovation and creating value 

About this lecture: What is innovation networking and why is mathematics often a key part of such relationships?  How does mathematics disrupt paradigms, with “push" as opposed to "pull”?  What are some common issues raised in doing so?  We will open up these questions with reference to specific examples of  mathematical concepts drawn from environmental science, bioinformatics,  and analytics (data sciences) that led to early innovations and hence to value. We will also discuss the nature of R&D environments and of personal, relationship-building, skills that we can all develop beyond our own technical excellence.


Pete in Purple CircleProfessor Pete Grindrod is a scientist and entrepreneur, spending half his career within industrial roles and half within academia. He has written widely on research strategy, innovation, and research leadership. He has served on both EPSRC and BBSRC Councils, advised the Wellcome Trust and MOD R&D programmes, and was a founding trustee of the Alan Turing Institute. A Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, he is an expert in science and technology funding strategy and in increasing the appetite for risk and high impact public programmes. Pete’s research focus is on the theory of dynamically evolving networks, including fully coupled through time-dependent network dynamics and scaling: applications of mathematics to social media, digital media and marketing, and the digital economy. In 2020 he wrote a short book "Leading within Digital Worlds: Strategic Management for Data Science" for people who need to lead data science or AI research groups or ventures.


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About Chris Reddick

Chris Reddick was instrumental in setting up the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling (InFoMM CDT). After helping secure the EPSRC funding he chaired the Industrial Engagement Committee and supported the CDT in all its Industrial relations. The success of the CDT, as evidenced by the current size of the industrial partnership and the vibrant programme we have developed, is in no small part due to Chris' charm, vision, and tenacity. He tragically passed away in 2015. 


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