Logic Seminar

The logic seminar is given by invited speakers from across the UK and abroad who present recent research in the field. It is organised by Ehud Hrushovski and Jonathan Pila. The talks are usually on Thursdays at 11:30pm in C4. Sometimes the logic and number theory groups hold a joint seminar.

3 December 2020
John Welliaveetil

In 2010, Hrushovski--Loeser studied the homotopy type of the Berkovich analytification of a quasi-projective variety over a valued field. In this talk, we explore the extent to which some of their results might hold in a relative setting. More precisely, given a morphism of quasi-projective varieties over a valued field, we ask if we might construct deformation retractions of the analytifications of the source and target which are compatible with the analytification of the morphism and whose images are finite simplicial complexes. 

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Advanced Logic Class

The advanced logic class is usually held on Thursdays at 10am in C4. It typically provides a forum for current PhD students and postdocs to present work in progress, or to work through important papers and digest recent advances in the subject. Ehud Hrushovski is in charge of these classes.

Junior Logic Seminar

These seminars are highly informal and are given by graduate students in the logic group to each other (though all are welcome). The current organiser is John Armitage. The seminars this term are at 4pm on Tuesdays in C1.