Research activities in Fluid Mechanics cover a wide range of aspects in the mathematical theory of the Euler and Navier–Stokes equations describing the flow of incompressible and compressible fluids and more recent models in Non-Newtonian Mechanics including generalized Newtonian fluids, visco-elastic and visco-plastic fluids.

Among those aspects are: well-posedness of the corresponding boundary-value and initial boundary-value problems, qualitative properties of solutions, developments of fine analytic methods (like unique continuation, Liouville’s theorems, maximum principles, Harnack’s inequalities, weak convergence methods, characteristic methods & entropy methods etc.) for resolving challenging problems inspired by the fundamental mathematical questions in Fluid Mechanics.

Faculty: José A. CarrilloGui-Qiang G. Chen, Gregory Seregin and Endre Suli

Postdoctoral Research Fellows: Difan Yuan

Students:  Samuel Charles, Alex Cliffe, Min Chul Lee, Danli Wang and Chin Ching Yeung

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