OxPDE 15.08 - Lower semicontinuity for an integral functional in BV - Jan Kristensen and Panu Lahti

OxPDE 15.07 - The Trace Theorem, the Luzin N- and Morse-Sard Properties for the Sharp Case of Sobolev-Lorentz Mappings - Jan Kristensen and Mikhail Korobkov

OxPDE 15.06 - Free Boundary Problems in Shock Reflection/Diffraction and Related Transonic Flow Problems - Gui-Qiang Chen and Mikhail Feldman

OxPDE 15.05 - New Interaction Estimates for the Baiti-Jenssen System - Laura Caravenna and Laura V Spinola

OxPDE 15.04 - Schaeffer’s Regularity Theorem for Scalar Conservation Laws Does Not Extend to Systems - Laura Caravenna and Laura V Spinola

OxPDE 15.03 - A Note on Regularity and Failure of Regularity for Systems of Conservation Laws via Lagrangian Formulation - Laura Caravenna

OxPDE 15.02 - Vanishing Viscosity Solutions of the Compressible Euler Equations with Spherical Symmetry and Large Initial Data - Gui-Qiang Chen and Mikhail Perepelitsa

OxPDE 15.01 - On Local Non-Zero Constraints in PDE with Analytic Coefficients - Giovanni S Alberti and Yves Capdeboscq


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