Front of Andrew Wiles Building, Mathematical Institute (CR: OUImages/Ian Wallman) and Berlin universities in exchange: HU Berlin, TU Berlin, FU Berlin and WIAS

Oxford-Berlin Exchange (IRTG)

The International Research Training Group (IRTG) 2544 Stochastic Analysis in Interaction is a DFG-funded research initiative of the Berlin universities (FU, HU, and TU Berlin) and the Weierstrass institute with the University of Oxford. 

Our vision and mission is to train a new generation of researchers in this vibrant field of stochastics that presents formidable theoretical challenges in its mathematical foundations and that breaths and grows through its applications. The fields of applications of particular interest to the 25 researchers from Berlin and Oxford are 

     Mathematical Finance 

     Natural Sciences 

     Statistics and Machine Learning 


Procedure for students from Oxford to Berlin 

Students wishing to travel to Berlin as part of their DPhil studies should first contact Professor Massimiliano Gubinelli (@email) and CC the relevant research group assistant (RGA), at this time that is Ariana Weldon (@email). 


Once an expression of interest has been received, we will provide further details regarding funding, travel and contacts for our colleagues in Berlin. A minimum of one term’s notice is required for students wishing to take part in the exchange. 


Procedure for students from Berlin to Oxford  

Students wishing to travel to Oxford as part of their DPhil studies should first contact Professor Massimiliano Gubinelli (@email) and CC the relevant research group assistant (RGA), at this time that is Ariana Weldon (@email).  


After receiving expression of interest, we will check with the department to confirm resources are available for the duration of your visit. Once confirmed, you will be contacted by the RGA with information to apply for recognised student status. Students applying for recognised status as part of the Oxford-Berlin exchange are not required to pay the application fee. When your application is received, it will be forwarded to the Mathematical Institute Graduate Admissions Team who will provide further details for next steps and other relevant information.  


Deadline for applications

Due to the length of time it can take for visas and ATAS certificates to be issued, please note the following deadlines which show the latest date by which the Graduate Admissions team must receive your completed application in order for your visit to take place:


Term of admission

Deadline if no visa required

Deadline if a visa is required

Deadline if visa and ATAS is required

Michaelmas 2024 (2024-25 entry)Friday 23 August 2024

Friday 19 July 2024


Friday 19 April 2024

Hilary 2025 (2024-25 entry)Friday 22 November 2024

Friday 18 October 2024


Friday 19 July 2024

Trinity 2025 (2024-25 entry)Friday 14 February 2025

Friday 24 January 2025


Friday 25 October 2024


Applications received after these dates may not be accepted.



There will be a selection procedure to identify each year the four students from the Oxford graduate cohort whose research priorities are best served by a visit to the Berlin PIs. The students will continue to receive their stipends while in Berlin and, in addition, a contribution to their extra expenses. 



CDT students should first speak to the CDT Random Systems administrator (@email) to confirm available funding.  

Where possible, and if required, complementary funding can be provided.  


For departmental DPhil students, funding will be provided for all students selected to visit Berlin. 

The amounts are: 

     Airfare per student - £250 

     Accommodation per student - £2,400 


Airfare can be booked by contacting your RGA (mentioned above) and cc’ing Professor Gubinelli for approval. When submitting an airfare purchase request, please ensure you provide all relevant passport information.  


Accommodation should be claimed via SAPConcur. If you need assistance in paying for your accommodation in advance of your visit, please speak with your RGA. In some instances, we may be able to pay the accommodation via invoice to the department.  

Under no circumstances will funding be paid into any student’s account prior to departure.  



The Oxford-Berlin Exchange may not exceed six months per student.  



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