Motor insurance: Using private vehicles for university business

Members of the department and students should be aware that the University's insurance policies do not cover the use of private cars for University business. Consequently they should not use private cars on University business unless their own insurance policies cover business use (most do not unless this has been specifically requested). Driving without insurance is a very serious matter that could lead to significiant personal liabilities and prosecution. `University business' includes `moving items between different locations of the University, or taking an injured colleague to hospital'. Your journey is certainly classified as `university business' if you intend to reclaim expenses, even if the cost is met by a research grant.

If you wish to claim expenses for a journey in your own car, then you should contact the Accounts Officer, Kefei Liang, in advance to sign a declaration that you have appropriate cover. The mileage allowance is intended to cover the cost of insurance. Under no circumstances should you use your own car on University business without insurance.

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