The Mathematical Institute is committed to making its teaching and other resources, facilities and services available to students, staff and others with disabilities as appropriate to ensure that they are not at a disadvantage. In some cases, this may require reasonable adjustments to the building, facilities, services or to teaching methods. Those with disabilities are encouraged to discuss their needs with the Disability Coordinator.

Across the collegiate University nominated staff work with the Disability Advisory Service to coordinate advice and support for students and staff with disabilities.

If you think you might require support during your studies, or alternative arrangements for examinations, you must consult DAS and / or, for research students, the Disability Coordinator as soon as possible after you start your studies. Information on disability contacts, financial support, adjustments to teaching and examination arrangements, and an access guide to University buildings, are available online.

Key Contacts

If you have any questions related to disability support you are welcome to contact the following members of the Mathematical Institute.

Charlotte Turner-Smith


  • Departmental Safety Officer + Director of IT & Physical Resources: Keith Gillow


If you are in any doubt about who to contact Charlotte Turner-Smith can direct you to the correct person.

In addition, you may seek specialist advice and support from the University Disability Advisory Service.

Advice for students

Students with disabilities may be eligible to receive support via the university's Disability Advisory Service. Here, a disability includes a wide range of long-term conditions that significantly affect a student's ability to study, such as specific learning difficulties, developmental disorders, mental health problems, sensory impairments, mobility difficulties, and a range of physical health problems. The service offers a range of support to meet the needs of the students, from the provision of physical equipment, to ongoing disability-relevant mentoring, and study-skills support.

Disability related funding

There is some disability related funding available for students. If you can't find the relevant information contact the Disability Advisory Service.

What support is available?

There is a wide range of individual adjustments and support available should barriers exist which have an impact on your studies or daily living. For more information on what support is available contact Charlotte Turner-Smith or the Disability Advisory Service.

Further information on support is available.


The Andrew Wiles Building has been designed with accessibility in mind. See the building accessibility page for further details.

Further support

There are a number of services available to provide support to you during your studies at the University. Advice is available from your college, department, central University services, fellow students and the Student Union.

Health and Welfare

Oxford Students’ Disability Community: Email @email

There is also a range of student-led support available across the University.

Advice for staff

All parts of the University have agreed to work within a common frame work to promote a consistent approach to providing support for students with disabilities. The framework aims to improve the sharing of information, the clarity of the roles and responsibilities of everybody involved and the consistency of provision.

There is also some general information available for support for staff.


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