Connecting to the Institute's VPN

Note there are various ways to remotely access departmental and university services. Before setting up VPN you may want to look at the other options for remote access. Also if you only need a connection into the university rather than to the department then the central university VPN service is another option.


What is VPN?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It allows computers connected to the internet to act as if they were connected to a private local area network, for example, if you were in Australia and started a VPN connection to the Maths Institutes VPN server, your machine would be able to access all the services just the same as if you were in the building using the MATHS wifi.

You don't need a VPN connection if :

  • You are trying to print through the MATHS wifi.
  • You want to access your email.
  • You want to search through Bodleian's online catalogue.

What kind of VPN is available?

The department offers an IPSec VPN service. The software required for a such a connection is available out-of-the box for Windows 7, 8.x and 10, macOS/OSX, Ubuntu Linux as well as Android and iOS devices.

How do I connect ?

Login to the website with your maths IT account  (via the login drop down near the top right), and then select the operating system version or device you are using from the menu on the left of the page in order to access the instructions on how to connect.


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