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IT Facilities Access

Note within the department you can access 4 different wireless networks, MATHS (requires departmental account), OWL (Oxford Wireless LAN system), Eduroam (very useful for local and roaming academics as you use an eduroam account not a local account), and The Cloud (useful for those without an eduroam account such as members of the public or other events attendees or very short term visitors). In general eduroam is the recommended wifi network for those that can use it.

In the majority of cases the Maths IT facilities application form (available below) is completed and returned as part of larger processes such as personnel (for employees/staff), academic administration (for certain graduate student programmes  or teaching staff external to the department) or visitor process rather than by direct application and hence the account is pre-opened ready for your arrival.

Undergraduates, OMMS and MTP students are not provided maths IT accounts by default as they will primarily use their own devices and central university services, and thus have no need of a maths specific account. Undergraduates, OMMS and MTP students are still welcome to an account within the department if needed in which case they should complete an application form and submit it through the academic administration team.

To obtain a username and password for the maths systems you need to complete and return an

Note when applying for an account you are signing up to the university and departmental regulations for the use of IT facilities.

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