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Info for New Users

Initial Induction Info

The IT Induction document includes some initial/background info for new users, e.g. account closure, privacy info, systems and storage available, green IT, personal machines, getting IT help and basic safety.

IT Help and Notices

IT notices, including various policies and rules can be found at

In particular see:

Further information about the system and obtaining help can be found on the web at

and in particular in the frequently asked questions section -

Items of particular interest to a new user might be

Email Forwarding

Since you have an account people will assume you check it for email and as such may send important messages to it (e.g. about your computer account or course information). If you do not intend to regularly check you Mathematical Institute computer account for email then you should set it to forward to an address you do check regularly (see…).

Account Expiry and Extension

When your account is created an expiry date is set. At 28, 7 and 1 days prior to this expiry date an email is sent to the account to remind you it is expiring and to provide info on how to ask for an extension if required.

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