Postdoctoral Researchers Laptop/Tablet Policy

This policy is intended to ensure that each postdoctoral researcher employed by the department has the use of a dedicated laptop not more than four years old. As a large number of postdoctoral researchers remain in post for fewer than four years, in practice, this will often mean that a used laptop in good working order is provided.

For postdoctoral researchers with access to external research funding to which computing equipment may be charged, the full cost of laptops will be charged to those externally funded research projects. Where no or insufficient external research funding is available, where the department agrees the purchase of a new laptop and where the postdoctoral researcher does not have the use of a dedicated laptop fewer than four years old, the postdoctoral researcher may request the provision of a laptop up to the value of £1.5k, with any shortfall between the cost of the laptop and available external research funding to be met by the department.

Where an individual would prefer, a tablet may be requested instead of a laptop.

Items purchased remain property of the department and must be returned to the department on request at the end of the contract of employment, including in the case of items funded in full or in part by external research grants, though in some cases it may be possible for the postdoctoral researcher to purchase the laptop from the department at market value. Returned devices fewer than four years old and in good working order will be redistributed for further use.

IT facilitate the provision of laptops for postdoctoral researchers.

As approved by Finance Committee February 2023

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