Funding opportunities

Generic funding (for example, EPSRC standard grants)

Generic funding comprises those calls for proposals that have no specific research remit within mathematics. Funding of this type often takes the form of responsive mode funding from Research Councils UK funders, such as EPSRC, BBSRC and NERC; other funding bodies whose calls are listed, such as the Leverhulme Trust and the Royal Society, are comparable in their orientation. Responsive mode applications may be submitted at any time of the year; the research councils can take up to six months to process applications.

Contact the research facilitation to discuss potential applications.

Current calls

If you are considering preparing a grant application contact research facilitation to discuss timescales. Applications must be received at least four weeks prior to the external deadline (then submitted for central university approval at least one week prior to the external deadline). A list of current calls is available here.

If you intend to apply, or are interested in applying, for an externally funded personal fellowship to be held at the Mathematical Institute, note that research facilitation must receive applications five weeks prior to the funding body's submission deadline. This lead time is necessary for departmental and institutional reviews of applications to be completed. Contact research facilitation as soon as possible to discuss your potential application.


Faculty who would like to make a nomination for a prize should, in the first instance, consult the head of the research group concerned. Examples of prizes include the Philip Leverhulme Prize and London Mathematical Society prizes. A list of selected prizes is available here.

Travel funding

Members of the department who wish to travel abroad for research purposes or conferences, or to host a visitor from abroad, should contact research facilitation, outlining requirements.

Email notification

Selected funding calls are circulated via departmental mailing lists.

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