Personal fellowships

Potential fellowship applicants should consult the list of current calls for details of open fellowship calls. The department supports applications to all fully funded schemes. Support for other schemes is considered on a case-by-case basis.

The steps for preparing a fellowship application are given below.

Identify an Oxford contact

Once you have identified the scheme to which you intend to apply you should first contact a faculty member, asking whether or not the individual is able to support the application.

Notice of intent

After a faculty member has agreed to support your application, you should contact research facilitation, indicating your intent to apply and the identity of the departmental sponsor, and confirming that your planned programme of work conforms to the remit of the funding scheme and that you meet the scheme eligibility criteria.

Guidance and templates

You will be provided with any guidelines or templates related to the preparation of the application. In the event that an internal ranking of fellowship applications is required (for instance, when there is a quota on the number of applications to a particular scheme), any preliminary materials related to that internal sift will be requested.

Draft application

Four weeks before the funding body's submission deadline, you must send research facilitation a full draft of the application, having completed all relevant sections of the application (ordinarily with the exception of the budget). This allows three weeks for departmental review and budget preparation, and one week for central university approval.

Online application submission: You should set up your application account (for instance, on Je-S for research council applications, on e-GAP2 for Royal Society applications, etc), and grant view/edit access to the relevent members of research faclitation for your application.


To prepare the budget for your application, you should provide research facilitation with the

  • intended grant start date and duration
  • number, type (eg DPhil student, research assistant), duration and start date of each funded post
  • computing hardware requirements, eg, desktop or notebook
  • conferences travel funds; the typical request is for one national and one international conference per person per year for each research associate, CI and PI, and two national conferences and one international conference for each DPhil student
  • collaborative travel funds; details should include number of visits, destination, date(s), duration, level of support required eg, travel, accommodation and subsistence
  • other travel funds; details should include number of visits, destination, date(s), duration, level of support required eg, travel, accommodation and subsistence
  • details of other items requested.

Funds for the following should not be requested:

  • standard office consumables
  • personal printers.

In the case of preparing justification of resources documents for applications to EPSRC you should not include details of the sums of money requested. Instead, justify fully each item requested, referring to the relevant scientific objectives in the scientific part of the application where appropriate. Note that you may not request funds for books from EPSRC unless the exact books required and the cost are detailed, and it is possible to demonstrate that the books are unavailable for loan from university libraries. EPSRC do not provide funds for the purchase of notebook computers.

Feedback and redrafting

In the weeks after you send a draft application you will be provided with feedback and will be expected to respond to questions in a timely fashion, and to amend the application as appropriate.

Departmental approval

Toward the end of the third week, provided that budgets are ready and that necessary amendments have been made to the application, the application will be considered for departmental approval. You should not submit your application to the funding body until you have been given formal notification that departmental approval has been granted.

Institutional approval: If the department gives its approval of the application, then the application will be sent for institutional approval a minimum of one week before the funding body's deadline. This approval stage is the last before applications are submitted to the funding body.

Peer review

In the event that you receive referees' reports on your application and are invited to provide a response, you should send those reports and a proposed response to research facilitation immediately, who will provide feedback on the proposed response.

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