Reporting outcomes through ResearchFish

Updated: 7/2/22

ResearchFish is the system used to report research "outcomes" to EPSRC. 

This is important because failure to report may lead to various sanctions, such as research funds being withheld. On a more positive note, providing this information to EPSRC helps them to make the case for increased research funding in mathematics.

It is a good idea to first create an ORCID account, and link it to ResearchFish through an option on the ResearchFish home page.

To add publications into ResearchFish, go to Personal Portfolio -> Publications -> Add New Entry.

If you have a ORCID account, click on the ORCID tab.  Clicking on Search for Publications will generate a list of your papers -- click on the paper(s) to add and then click on the relevant awards at the bottom.

Alternatively, it is just as easy to add papers by using the DOI tab and entering the DOI information, without the prefix. The system will then pick up all of the details from the DOI database.  Again click on the paper it has found and then click on the relevant awards at the bottom.

An alternative mechanism for assigning publications to awards is to click on one of your awards, click on Publications, and then use the sliders to assign papers to the award.  This can be useful if ResearchFish has already imported your publication because it knows your ORCID, or because the publication cited your EPSRC grant in the Acknowledgements, or because it has been imported automatically from your Symplectic account (in which case the links to research grants should also have been imported). 

Finally, you must Submit the report using the button on the My Awards page. This will take you through your awards, one by one, and may ask you to first respond to two questions concerning Key Findings and Narrative Impact. Often, all you need to do is to confirm that there have been no changes since last year.

Once all of that is done, the system will send you an email once your submission is completed. You can amend it at any time up to the end of the submission period.

Adding delegates and research team members

Delegates (proxies) and research team members can be added by clicking on an icon at the bottom of the Personal Portfolio tab. These are people who can enter Outcomes (e.g. papers) for the specified Awards (projects). This is particularly helpful for multi-investigator research grants.

DPhil students

DPhil students with funding from EPSRC also have to report annually through ResearchFish. However, non-compliance by students after they have left Oxford does not lead to any sanctions against Oxford. If academics find they are part of the student's "Research Team", and don't want to be, they can go to the My Awards tab, click on "Manage My Membership"  to the right of "Awards Where I am a Research Team Member", and then click on "Remove Myself" from the relevant Award.



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