Act on Acceptance (ORA)

When your paper has been accepted for publication, you need to do two things:

1. deposit the paper in ORA (via Symplectic) -- click here after reading these notes on configuring Symplectic and some current Symplectic bugs

    This is a HEFCE requirement for the next REF. Help with Symplectic is available from a PDF guide and video, and further information on HEFCE requirements is available here.

The university also provides a webpage with Symplectic FAQs here, and a webpage with various User Guides here. In particular these include help on topics such as:

a) I have Acted on Acceptance but recent articles are not appearing at the top of my list -- why?

b) How do I add a Date of Acceptance (DOA) to an already 'claimed' publication record?

c) How do I enable someone else to be a 'delegate' to deposit papers for me?

There is also a university webpage with FAQs on Open Access and the next REF, including the definition of the Date of Acceptance.


2. deposit the underlying data in ORA-data -- further information is available here.

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