Special Topics

There is a great variety of special topic lecture courses listed below. Each falls under a broad heading of Modelling or Computation, and is marked [M] or [C] accordingly. Students should complete one Modelling course marked [M] in the list and one Computation course marked [C] in the list. A special topic is usually assessed by a mini-project of up to 20 pages on a topic agreed with the lecturer as described in the Special Topic Guidelines. Students wishing to do a special topic on one of these courses should inform the lecturer before the end of term, and a pdf version of the special topic must be submitted online, via the University's Inspera platform, by the deadline listed in the Diary of Important Events. The lecturer and one other assessor will mark the work and make a recommendation to the examiners.

These are the courses available for the Academic year 2023-2024. Note that the list of courses may change from year to year.

Michaelmas Term 2023

Hilary Term 2024

  • Applied Complex Variables [M], synopsis
  • Computational Algebraic Topology [C], synopsis
  • Mathematical Mechanical Biology [M], synopsis
  • Mathematical Models of Financial Derivatives [M], synopsis
  • Optimisation for Data Science [C], synopsis
  • Python in Scientific Computing [C], synopsis
  • Stochastic Modelling of Biological Processes [M/C], synopsis
  • Waves and Compressible Flow [M], synopsis
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