Day Visitors

Typical day visitors include seminar speakers and meeting/event attendees.

Note day visitors do not receive the same level of building induction as people based in the building for longer and as such should primarily be accompanied and advised by a member of the department (who has had an induction and thus knows about safety procedures, facilities available etc).

Meeting/Event Attendees

If the meeting/event is in the mezzanine then you are typically able to walk into the building and to the relevant mezzanine room.

If the meeting/event is within the secure academic area then please report to reception. Reception will contact the meeting/event organiser/coordinator who will collect you from the entrance foyer and direct you to the relevant room and facilities.

Should you need a network connection then you anyone can connect to The Cloud public wifi service, and those with Eduroam accounts can cannot to eduroam if preferred.

Seminar Speakers

Seminar speakers are arranged by the various seminar series coordinators who will host the individual on the day of there seminar.

If your invited speaker does require departmental facilities (e.g. visitor card for building/room access or desk space), they will need to be recorded as a visitor which means the visitor application must be submitted, processed and approved. It is usually disproportionate effort to do this for someone who is only coming to see people for 1-2 days and will spend almost all their time in the building hosted by others.

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