Bench Fees and Expenses

Bench Fees (visitors staying for one month or over)

There are costs associated with hosting visitors such as the provision of space and IT facilities. For this reason visitor hosts are asked to explore with the prospective longer-term visitor, whether there is funding available to cover these costs. For example, from a research grant.

The applicability and level of bench fees to be charged, by the department, should be discussed with the Head of Research Facilitation in advance of a visitor application being submitted.

Expenses (paid to the visitor from a grant)

If you are paying expenses to your visitor from a grant held by you, please discuss with the Finance Officer who oversees your grant. Your grant will specify the payments that are permitted within the grant conditions. The Finance Officer will be able to confirm the details before you submit your application.  This will include any expenses and how you would like payments to be made.

Any expenses that you would like your visitor to receive from your grant, should be confirmed before the application is made.

Please note that visa expenses cannot be claimed from grant funds.

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