It is important that, regardless of the length of the visit, consideration is given to whether or not a visitor needs to have a visa to enter the UK.

One possible consequence of non-compliance is that the visitor may be refused entry to the UK, and another is sanctions against the University. It is therefore essential that anyone coming to the Mathematical Institute to be involved in our activities has the appropriate visa. 

Who needs a Visa?  
Visitors to the UK who wish to participate in any activities in the University must hold an
appropriate visa.  
Visitors holding a general 'tourist' visa are not allowed to participate in any activities in the University whatsoever.

  • Visitors from within the UK do not need a visa.
  • Visitors who are from outside the UK but who are already in the UK on a visa which permits work do not need a visa.
  • Everybody else does.

Please refer to the University of Oxford SIT pages or the UK Visas and Immigration web pages for further information.

A general tourist visa does not allow visitors to participate in University activities.


All visa expenses must be covered by the individual visitor.


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