Visitor Application Process

A visitor is generally considered to be someone who comes from another academic institution, for a single specific visit to Oxford, typically lasting from one week to one year, during which time they are based and work in the department and are provided with departmental and university facilities.

  • A visitor is considered to be an individual visiting the department who will be carrying out some form of activity related to the work of the department.
  • A University-hosted research project is considered to be a programme of research for which the University receives specific funding.
  • A visitor is said to be working on such a project if he/she has been invited to carry out (whether paid or unpaid) an identified sub-programme of research within the project.

Acting as Sponsor - The Host (Visitor Policy)

The Visitor Form must be completed in advance by the academic host (a member of academic staff of the department) for all prospective visitors to the Mathematical Institute who will be carrying out some form of activity (paid or unpaid) and who, irrespective of their planned length of stay, require access to services during their visit, including access to departmental IT facilities, University Card, desk space and Whitehead Library. 

This form must be completed before arrival as this helps the Department to make ready any specific requirements, desk space etc., and to effectively welcome the visitor.  If the visitor approval process has not been completed then in general the department cannot admit the person and provide any service.

In some cases the visit will be funded by a research project or centre in which case the form can be completed by the local administrative support.  In other cases the host may be an individual member of the faculty, in which case the form should be completed by that faculty member with the help of the Visitor co-ordinator. 

For any visit up to three months, please complete the visitor form and pass it to the visitor co-ordinator, who can advise on any outstanding questions.

For any visit which exceeds three months, complete the invitation form and send it to the visitor co-ordinator for review and approval from the Department’s Executive Committee. The application should include supporting documentation.

Visits supported by funded research projects will require prior approval within the grant from the funding body to request expenses.

All completed forms should be approval by the head of the research group.

All visitors must be approved by the department.

The Process

  1. Complete the Visitor Form
    1. completed by the Sponsor/Host.
    2. check your visitor category (note: longer staying visiting students are considered recognised students and there is a separate application procedure).
  2. Check with Research Facilitation if Bench Fees may be charged
    1. the Sponsor/Host to discuss with the Head of Research Facilitation
  3. Check with Finance if expenses are to be paid 
    1. ​​the Sponsor/Host to discuss with the Finance Manager
    2. Expense Claim Form
  4. Forward the form to (Visitor co-ordinator) - currently Helen McGregor.

Completion of the Visitor Application Form

Part A (all applicants): The visitor should complete Part A of the application form (this information can be gathered by the host).  The questions within this section ask for information relating to the prospective visitor’s nationality, country of residence and the possibility of requiring a visa to enter the UK.  In addition, information from this section will be entered on to the department’s personnel system for record purposes.

Part B (all applicants including seminar/workshop/conference speakers who require desk space and/or an internal visitor card): The host should complete this section. There is a  drop down menu for Research Groups, but you can enter a research group area that is not listed.  The host/Head of Research Group should print the form, sign and date it.  

Part C (visitor applications exceeding 3 months): The host should only complete Part C of the form for visitor applications exceeding 3 months.

Applications for over 3 months require the approval of the department’s Executive Committee and should be accompanied by a supporting statement from the academic sponsor, a supporting statement from the Research Group Head, full information on the visitor’s intentions whilst visiting the department (including collaboration agendas), information on funding and a supporting CV.  

  • For Visiting Lecturers, attach a supporting statement and CV.  
  • For Affiliates and Externally Funded Research Fellows, a CV.

Part D (All applicants): The host or local administrator, if belonging to a Research Centre/Project, should complete Part D of the form for all visitor applications. In cases where the host does not have administrative support, the form should be completed with the help of the Visitor co-ordinator,.  Information supplied within this section allows for the allocation of specific resources requested.

At any time you can discuss the visitor form with the Visitor co-ordinator or Keith Gillow.

Your form will now be processed and the following allocations and/or requirements will be checked

  1. EEA/UK or Visa required
  2. Desk Allocation 
  3. Visitor or University Card allocated 
  4. IT account approved 
  5. Departmental approval 
  6. Letter/s of invitation and Confirmation of Arrival forms completed 
  7. Visitor Welcome Packs placed at reception 

Visitor arrival and induction

The visitor will receive a welcome pack at reception and will have an induction to the building. All visitors who require access to departmental facilities will be asked to complete a visitor registration form and confirm that they have the appropriate visa or right to visit the department.

If the visitor requires a visa, or is a visa national, a check will be made of their visa and a copy of their passport and visa (if applicable) kept along with the visitor registration form. This check may be made locally (i.e. by research centre administrative staff) but the paperwork must be forwarded to the Visitor co-ordinator, within a day of arrival. The department is required to record this information to comply with UK Visa and Immigration regulations.Failure to comply can result in individual fines.

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