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The research interests of the group span group theory, representation theory and algebraic aspects of geometry, among many other topics. For more detailed information on the people in our group and their individual research interests, please see our list of members.

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Algebra seminar

27 September 2018

For a reductive group $ G $, Steinberg established a map from the Weyl group to nilpotent $ G $-orbits using momentmaps on double flag varieties.  In particular, in the case of the general linear group, he re-interpreted the Robinson-Schensted correspondence between the permutations and pairs of standard tableaux of the same shape in terms of product of complete flags.

We generalize his theory to the case of symmetric pairs $ (G, K) $, and obtained two different maps.  In the case where $ (G, K) = (\GL_{2n}, \GL_n \times \GL_n) $, one of the maps is a generalized Steinberg map, which induces a generalization of the RS correspondence for degenerate permutations.  The other is an exotic moment map, which maps degenerate permutations to signed Young diagrams, i.e., $ K $-orbits in the Cartan space $ (\lie{g}/\lie{k})^* $.

We explain geometric background of the theory and combinatorial procedures which produces the above mentioned maps.

This is an on-going joint work with Lucas Fresse.

Representation Theory seminar

There are no seminars currently scheduled for this series.

An archive of previous events is also available.