Are you thinking of applying to study Mathematics at university? We're running a weekly livestream talking about maths problems and discussing problem-solving strategies, with a focus on Oxford's Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT). The sessions are free and available for everyone, and are recorded so that you can watch them later even if you can't join us live. No registration needed.

The 2022 MAT livestream is live every Thursday at 17:00–19:00 (UK time) until the start of November 2022.

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Each week is themed around a particular set of topics, with a worksheet of questions available in advance. After the MAT, there are additional bonus livestreams on unrelated mathematics, on this year's test, and on Oxford Maths interview questions.

Here's what people say;

"really useful, thank you!!!" - Anonymous attendee

"Without these videos, I have no idea on what I would have done." - Anonymous attendee

A recent survey of first-year Oxford Maths students found that more than a third of them engaged with the Oxford MAT Livestream while applying.


The schedule is as follows.

Date Topic Worksheet Livestream Solutions
04 August 2022 Sequences and series WebPDF YouTube WebPDF
11 August 2022 Trigonometry WebPDF   WebPDF
18 August 2022 Geometry WebPDF   WebPDF
25 August 2022 Graphs & Transformations WebPDF   WebPDF
01 September 2022 Logarithms and powers WebPDF   WebPDF
08 September 2022 Integration & Differentiation WebPDF   WebPDF
15 September 2022 Algebra WebPDF   WebPDF
22 September 2022 Polynomials WebPDF   WebPDF
29 September 2022 Primes & Proof WebPDF  


06 October 2022 Recursion WebPDF   WebPDF
13 October 2022 MAT 2019

Web, PDF

20 October 2022 MAT 2020

Web, PDF

27 October 2022 MAT 2021


03 November 2022 Not-MAT bonus livestream -    
10 November 2022 (No livestream) - - -
17 November 2022 MAT 2022 debrief      
24 November 2022 (No livestream) - - -
01 December 2022 Interview advice -    

Other important dates; 02 November 2022 is the date of MAT 2022, and 30 September 2022 is the registration deadline for the MAT. The UCAS deadline for applying to Oxford is 15 October 2022.

If you want even more MAT livestream content, you can find an archive of the MAT livestream from 2020 or 2021 at the bottom of this page.

Looking for a PAT livestream?

If you're thinking of applying for Physics, Physics & Philosophy, or Engineering, or Material Science at Oxford, then you'll be expected to take the Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) rather than the MAT.

There's a programme of live PAT support on the Physics website here.

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