MAT livestream

MAT livestream every Thursday

Are you thinking of applying to study Mathematics at university? Every Thursday afternoon, we'll be livestreaming maths problems and discussing problem-solving strategies, with a particular focus on Oxford's Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT). The sessions are free, interactive, and available for everyone.

Each livestream has a worksheet of maths problems, and during the livestream I'll talk about the question, give you some time to have a go at it, and then talk through how I'd do it (often with suggestions from chat of better ways to do the question!)


Links will appear here for the next livestream.

Next livestream 03 Dec: Interview advice and practice problems



Upcoming Livestreams

Here's the plan for upcoming livestreams;

Date, Time # Topic
03 December 16:30-18:30 025 Interview advice
(winter break) - -
07 January 2021 16:30 ! New maths livestream (details TBC)


Previous Livestreams

There's no need to "catch up" on previous livestreams, or to watch them in any particular order, but they're available to watch back below if you like. For each previous livestream, you can download the worksheet to try the problems that we covered live, and you can either watch the entire video on Panopto, or watch a shorter edited version (just the maths, no chat), which we'll upload later.

Maths-only edits

There's a YouTube playlist for the maths-only edits here.

The most recently released maths-only edit is here;

Worksheets and replay links

# Worksheet Full livestream replay Maths-only edit
024 MAT 2020 Panopto 024  
023 PDF icon Worksheet 023 Panopto 023  
022 MAT 2019 Panopto 022

All MAT 2019 questions

021 MAT 2018 Panopto 021

All MAT 2018 questions

020 MAT 2017 Panopto 020

All MAT 2017 questions

019 MAT 2016 Panopto 019

All MAT 2016 questions

018 PDF icon Worksheet 018 (pdf)

"Panopto" 018

(actually YouTube because Panopto was down)

Maths-only edit 018
017 PDF icon Worksheet 017 (pdf) Panopto 017 Maths-only edit 017
016 PDF icon Worksheet 016 (pdf) Panopto 016 Maths-only edit 016
015 PDF icon Worksheet 015 (pdf) Panopto 015 Maths-only edit 015
014 PDF icon Worksheet 014 (pdf) Panopto 014 Maths-only edit 014
013 PDF icon Worksheet 013 (pdf) Panopto 013 Maths-only edit 013
012 PDF icon Worksheet 012 (pdf)  Panopto 012 Maths-only edit 012
011 PDF icon Worksheet 011 (pdf)  Panopto 011 Maths-only edit 011
010 PDF icon Worksheet 010 (pdf) 

Panopto 010 part 1

Panopto 010 part 2

Maths-only edit 010
009 PDF icon Worksheet 009 (pdf)  Panopto 009 Maths-only edit 009
008 PDF icon Worksheet 008 (pdf)  Panopto 008 Maths-only edit 008
007 PDF icon Worksheet 007 (pdf)  Panopto 007 Maths-only edit 007
006 PDF icon Worksheet 006 (pdf) Panopto 006 Maths-only edit 006
005 PDF icon Worksheet 005 (pdf) Panopto 005 Maths-only edit 005
004 PDF icon Worksheet 004 (pdf) Panopto 004 Maths-only edit 004
003 PDF icon Worksheet 003 (pdf) Panopto 003 Maths-only edit 003
002 PDF icon Worksheet 002 (pdf) Panopto 002 * Maths-only edit 002 *
001 PDF icon Worksheet 001 (pdf) Panopto 001 * Maths-only edit 001 *

* The quality gets much better after the first two. If you're planning to watch these back, maybe skip 001 and 002. I'm writing this because the first couple have twice as many views as the others, so I'm worried that people are giving up when they see my awful handwriting (it gets better in 003 when I get a graphics tablet!)

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