Support for transgender students, staff and visitors

The department is committed to supporting trans staff, students and visitors and creating a safe space where people can feel able to be themselves.

We encourage the use of pronouns in your email signature, thereby both proactively supporting the trans community by being clear about how you wish to be addressed and demonstrating your respect for your colleagues.

For additional information and support, please see the University’s transgender guidance and policy


The University has established processes for staff and students to change central University records in relation to their name and recorded gender:

Students:            see

Staff:                   contact Ali.Goodall or a member of the HR team

Not all departmental sources of information are derived automatically from central University sources, and so data in the department may need to be updated separately - all individuals should feel able to ask for this to be updated and any expressed preference on language or pronouns should be respected. 


Oxford Uni LGTBQ+ Society 

LGBT+ Staff Network

SPECTRA – for PG students and staff in Maths, Physics and Humanities (please contact @email to get involved)


The following informal points are useful reminders, as we communicate with each other using with mutual understanding and respect; 

  • Use the name and pronoun that the person asks you to. If you aren’t sure what the right pronoun is, politely ask them what name and pronoun they use.
  • If you make a mistake with pronouns, correct yourself and move on. Don’t make a big deal out of it.
  • Adopt less gendered language – examples include
    • Your visitor [name] is waiting in Reception. Will you come and meet them please?’,
    • Welcome ‘Colleagues and guests’ to your event
    • When taking questions at a Q&A ‘There’s someone at the back in red; just keep your hand up until the microphone gets to you.’


All building users should be able to choose which facilities they use.  For this reason the Andrew Wiles Building has a selection of gender-neutral, male and female toilets and washing facilities, locations are provided on our building information pages.  This information will be routinely communicated to those organising events and other conferences in the building.


Any suggestions for additions to this page are warmly welcomed.  These, and any queries about transgender issues, should be directed to @email 


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