Toilets & Showers

There are toilets on every floor in both wings of the building which are located in the grey finned ‘cores’.

The above ground toilets are in general individual gender-neutral/unisex rooms with a toilet, sink and hand dryer.

There are large male and female toilet facilities at either end of the mezzanine teaching floor to deal with the much larger numbers using that floor. There are also gender-neutral accessibility toilets near these male/female toilets as well as gender-neutral toilets accessible to all just inside core 2 and 3 (the ones that have the lifts).

Some toilets throughout the building are also marked as accessible toilets but are for everyones use too (office area ones are rooms N0C2.04, N1C2.04, N3C2.02, S0C3.04, S0C5.01, S1C3.04, S1C5.02, S2C3.04, S2C5.04, S3C3.04, S3C5.04, S4C3.04).

The majority of the toilet have a dual flush system where the larger button gives the larger flush! The accessible toilets have a mix of flush systems, some have the dual push flush whilst others have a lever flush.

Some of the toilets also contain showers for reasonable use (e.g. showering after cycling in to work or when returning from a run taken during a break in your working day).

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