Accessing home folders remotely from Windows

This guide provides instructions on how to access one's home folder remotely when using a Windows machine.

Required software

In order to be able to map the remote folder to a local drive letter, first you have to download and install a utility called WinFsp (click on the one named WinFsp Installer), followed by the one named "SSHFS-Win (x64)" which can be found on the same page. After installing both utilities, please make sure you restart the machine, as WinFsp won't work otherwise.

Once WinFsp and SSHFS-Win are installed, it is now possible to map a network drive to the home directory using Windows Explorer.

Mapping the home folder to a drive letter

In Windows Explorer, right click on "This PC" and select "Map Network drive...". This will bring up a dialog, where you can select the drive letter that will map to the home folder (windows will automatically select the first available letter), and fill in the following path in the "Folder" textbox, after replacing "username" with your maths username : 


then press "Finish" and fill in the account's password in the popup window that will appear. If done right, when you click on "This PC" again, there should be another entry now, giving you access to your home folder when you double click on it.

Disconnecting the network drive

If you want to disconnect the mounted home folder, right click on "This PC" and click on "Disconnect Network drive".

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