Inter-Library Loan


Inter-Library Loans are a way of obtaining material that is not held in Oxford libraries.

Check SOLO before making a request.

You can place a request using the online request form (sign in with your Single Sign-On (SSO) username and password to access the form).

Payment for Inter-Library Loan requests are made through online PCAS (Print, Copy and Scan) accounts topped up by debit/credit card. You will need a PCAS account in order to pay the £5.00 Inter-Library Loan charge in advance.
To set up a PCAS account, all you need is your Bodleian Libraries username (ie. the barcode number on your University Card) and a password which you can create at:
PCAS account information: .

Further information about Inter-Library Loans including prices, can be seen here: RSL Inter-Library Loans and Document Supply

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