Using an Android device to present mathematics in MS Teams by sharing the screen

If you would like to use an Android device to present something within Teams (eg with a stylus to present mathematical notation to a MS Teams meeting/class/tutorial/lecture), then this can be done as follows:


  • Install Microsoft Teams on your Android device from the Google Play Store
  • Log in as normal, ie specify your email address first and then sign in with your single sign-on account.
  • Join a meeting as you would normally do on your desktop/laptop - it works best if you use the Android device as a secondary device as your main device will still be streaming the video feed of you.
  • Once in a meeting, open Teams on the Android device, you will see an "In progress: Meeting" on the top and can click "Join" to join it. Alternatively you could join from calendar or chat channel if that is how you did it initially.

  • Press on the three dots in the meeting toolbar and select "Share"
  • Click on "Share Screen"
  • Approve the screen sharing permission and the "drawing over other apps" permission that Android may ask for
  • Now you can share the screen of any Android application you like, eg to display any notes you may write with a stylus.
  • To stop sharing the screen, return to the Teams app and click "Stop Broadcast"
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