Using an iPhone/iPad to present mathematics in MS Teams by sharing the screen

If you would like to use an iPhone/iPad to present something within Teams (eg an iPad with an Apple Pen to present mathematical notation to a MS Teams meeting/class/tutorial/lecture), then this can be done as follows:

  • In preparation go to the Settings App
  • Open the Control Centre.
  • Click the green "Plus" next to "Screen Recording" so that it moves into the INCLUDE section (unless you had done this before)
  • Install Microsoft Teams on your iPhone/iPad from the Apple App Store
  • Log in as normal, ie specify your email address first and then sign in with your single sign-on account.
  • Join a meeting as you would normally do on your desktop/laptop - it works best if you use iPhone/iPad as a secondary device as your main device will still be streaming the video feed of you.
  • Once in a meeting, open Teams on the iPhone/iPad, you will see an "In progress: Meeting" on the top and can click "Join" to join it. Alternatively you could join from calendar or chat channel if that is how you did it initially.

  • Once you joined the meeting you can now move to your presentation/annotation app, eg "Notes".
  • Once in that open control center (swipe down on top right corner) and long press (Microsoft call it "firmly") the round "recording" button.
  • Select "Microsoft Teams" and hit "Start Broadcast"
  • After a countdown it will start broadcasting your screen.
  • To stop screen sharing you can toggle the recording button in the Control Center again and also hang up in Teams on the iPad.