Scheduling and giving virtual (remote) Seminars and Webinars

If you would like to hold a seminar remotely you will first need to schedule it in MS Teams.

When seminars are put into the web/ENB system there is a field called "Remote Event Link". Please put your Teams Meeting Link in that field. This link will become visible to logged in participants on all website listings 30 minutes before the seminar starts and it will be removed 30 minutes after the seminar ends.

Please do not put the virtual meeting links into the abstract of the seminars/events, as that will reveal the seminar link to the public and hence to gatecrashers. Also, please do not put those links onto any public websites. You may have read the news about gatecrashers in video conferencing events at universities recently, so this does happen.

A lot of the Remote Teaching guidance will apply to seminars as well, in particular also how to write and present mathematics. We also have documentation how to annotate PDF, PowerPoint or Keynote slides.

The university also has detailed guidance how to run Webinars in Teams.

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