This is a set of 40 flashcards with facts from the Mathematics Admissions Test syllabus. If you print them double-sided on A4 paper then the backs will match up with the fronts (for example, the card with \(\sin^2 x\) on the front has \(1-\cos^2 x\) on the back). If you would like to stick to them onto actual card, then you could print them single-sided and match the fronts to the backs by hand. The cards measure 8.5cm by 5.5cm, which should be the right size to fit onto most standard playing cards or collectible trading cards. The back of each card has spots in the corners to help you sort them out if you get them mixed up.

The idea is to train yourself to recognise certain facts and ideas automatically. You should look at the front of each card one by one, try to remember what’s on the back, and then check if you were right. If you find certain cards too easy to remember, remove them from the pack. Keep practising until you have fewer than 20 cards remaining, at which point you should start adding an old card back in whenever you remove a card (the game is too easy with too few cards).

Download (883KB):  mat-flashcards.pdf

There's an interactive web version on CRAM (we are not responsible for content on third-party websites)

This resource was developed as part of the Oxford MAT livestream.

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