24-26 April 2019

16-19 April 2018

10-12 April 2017

Held in the MI so not as restive as previous retreats!

18-21 April 2016

The spring retreat took place at St Katharine's, Parmoor located in the Chilterns. This proved to be a perfect location for a little contemplation following the first six months at the CDT for the second cohort.

20-23 April 2015

The spring retreat this year took place at Ripon College, located just outside Oxford but could be much further away based on how tranquil a setting it is. This was the perfect location for a little contemplation following a hectic preceding six months.

The first cohort gave presentations on their first mini-project. There was a field trip to Diamond Light Source and a mini-course (details below). Members of faculty also gave short talks on their own research.

Professor Tadeusz Iwaniec Lecture Notes - Selected Topics from Analytical Foundations of Quasiconformal Mappings





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