Setting the forward on the mail gateway

You can define an address (or several addresses) for mail forwarding by editing your personal data via the web interface to your profile. The basic steps are:

  • login on the main maths website at
  • access your profile page by clicking on the hello username button at the top right
  • click on the edit tab near the top of your profile
  • click on the contact information tab
  • scroll down and enter a forwarding email address in the relevant box
  • scroll to the bottom and click the save button

Note the above mechanism puts in the forward on the main departmental mail gateway server and so is very robust, i.e. if the mail service is running the forwarding will always occur, otherwise mail will wait until the service returns and then be forwarded.

If you would like to keep a copy on the maths mailbox, please add [username] as one of the forwarding addresses.

Setting the forward on the mail storage system

You can also setup forwarding on the mail server where the mail is normally delivered. For the Zimbra mail system you do this by

  • login to the zimbra web interface at
  • click on the preferences tab near the top
  • click on the mail settings in the list on the left
  • scroll down to the box for a forwarding address and put in your forwarding address
  • click the save button near the top left

Note by default it will also keep a copy on the mail server unless you tick the box mark 'Don't keep a local copy of messages'.

Email forwarding for expired accounts

When your account expires any mail forwarding configured via the methods above will cease. You can however set an expired account forwarding email address in your user profile. This email forwarding address only comes into action when the account expires and will last for one year from the time the account expires.

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