Public Sector Equality Duty

Committee Chairs and Secretaries should routinely pre-screen the agenda for any items which might have implications under the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED).  The PSED requires organisations to have ‘due regard’ to the potential and actual impact on equality of all their policies, procedures, decisions, informal practices, etc.  (See )  Where an item has potential implications under the PSED this should be indicated on the agenda, and an equality analysis may be enclosed with the agenda and papers.  The committee may request these issues to be considered in relation to any item.  The discussion of any item identified as having PSED implications should include consideration of the following: Is the decision likely to affect people with ‘protected characteristics’ differently? Which protected group(s) might be affected? Are there any means of remedying or mitigating a potential negative impact?  If there are no remedies, can the negative impact be justified? Could the decision have a positive impact on equality?  If it is not self-evident that the PSED is not relevant to a particular item then the reasons why it is not considered relevant should be recorded in the minutes.  The minutes should record the outcome of these discussions and be reported to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee annually, upon request.  Please see attached below for further details, or contact @email

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