When you and your supervisor are agreed that your thesis is within one term (and the vacation which follows) of completion, you should obtain forms GSO.3 Appointment of Examniers and arrange for its completion and submission to the Graduate Studies Administrator. Two copies of the thesis should be submitted to the Examination Schools after this has happened.

GSO.3 form

Useful links for the submission of your thesis:

LaTeX thesis template

Guidance fo the submission of a successful thesis

Citation and Plagiarism




Once the thesis has been submitted, the examiners will arrange a date for the viva voce (i.e. oral) examination. This is formal, so you must wear subfusc. After the examination the examiners will submit their report and recommendation to the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Divisional Board.
Useful links for examination

Examination Regulations

After you have been given leave to supplicate for your degree, you are required to deposit a copy of your thesis with the Bodleian Library. 
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