Members of the topology group

Academic Faculty


Martin Bridson

Geometric group theory, non-positive curvature

Christopher Douglas

Christopher Douglas

Algebraic and geometric topology, 3- and 4-dimensional TQFT

Cornelia Drutu

Cornelia Drutu

Geometric group theory, ergodic theory, applications to number theory

Andre Henriques

Conformal field theory, operator algebras

András Juhász

András Juhász

Low-dimensional topology, Heegaard Floer homology

Dawid Kielak

Geometric group theory, group rings

Marc Lackenby

Marc Lackenby

Topology and geometry of 3-dimensional manifolds, group theory

Vladimir Marković

Low-dimensional topology, geometry, and dynamics

Vidit Nanda

Applied and computational algebraic topology

Panos Papazoglou

Panos Papazoglou

Geometric group theory

Ulrike Tillmann

Ulrike Tillmann

Algebraic topology, K-theory, applications to quantum field theory

Emeritus Faculty


Constantin Teleman

Graeme Segal

Ioan James

Glenys Luke

Brian Steer

Affiliate Researcher

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Former faculty

Former members

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