2021 MAT Livestream Archive

Each week was themed around a particular set of topics, with a sheet of questions available in advance. Each sheet includes revision material, warm-up problems, some past MAT questions with hints, and extension material that's not related to the MAT. The MAT questions are all taken from the 2013-2017 papers (inclusive), saving the 2018, 2019, and 2020 papers as practice, which were covered in three livestreams at the end, just before MAT 2021. After the MAT, three special bonus livestreams covered the following; unrelated mathematics (to give us all a break from MAT), a look at the 2021 paper, and then finally some Oxford Maths interview questions.

The schedule for the 2021 livestream was as follows.

Date Topic Worksheet Livestream Solutions
05 August 2021 Sequences and series WebPDF YouTube WebPDF
12 August 2021 Trigonometry WebPDF YouTube WebPDF
19 August 2021 Geometry WebPDF YouTube WebPDF
26 August 2021 Graphs & Transformations WebPDF YouTube WebPDF
02 September 2021 Logarithms and powers WebPDF YouTube WebPDF
09 September 2021 Integration & Differentiation WebPDF YouTube WebPDF
16 September 2021 Algebra WebPDF YouTube WebPDF
23 September 2021 Polynomials WebPDF YouTube WebPDF
30 September 2021 Primes & Proof WebPDF YouTube


07 October 2021 Recursion WebPDF YouTube WebPDF
14 October 2021 MAT 2018

Web, PDF

YouTube VideoPDF
21 October 2021 MAT 2019

Web, PDF

YouTube VideoPDF
28 October 2021 MAT 2020

Web, PDF

YouTube VideoPDF
04 November 2021 (completely unrelated to MAT) (none) YouTube (none)
11 November 2021 MAT 2021 debrief PDF YouTube PDF
18 November 2021 Interview questions (none) YouTube (none)
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