Zimbra and macOS (Mail and Calendar app)

To configure the standard Mail and Calendar applications on macOS to use the Zimbra services, one must use Exchange and CalDAV respectively. If your e-mail account has access to shared folders, then you will have to use IMAPS/Authenticated SMTP.

These instructions have been tested on macOS Mojave.

To configure Exchange (E-mail access):

  • First, choose the apple menu and open the System Preferences window
  • Click "Internet Accounts"
  • Remove the existing maths IMAP/CalDAV account if it exists
  • Click "Exchange"
  • In the "E-mail address" field, enter your long e-mail address and click "Sign in"
  • At this point, it may complain that it was unable to verify the account name or password. In the following dialog click "Configure manually" and use the following:
  • Click "Sign in", choose apps to use for this account and then click "Done".

Your mail should start syncing.

To configure IMAP/SMTP (E-mail access with shared folders support):

  • First, open the System Preferences window
  • Click "Internet Accounts"
  • Click "Add Other Account"
  • Click "Mail account"
  • Enter your name, your e-mail address and your password when prompted and click "Sign in".
  • At this point, it may complain that it was unable to verify the account name or password and prompt you for Account Type, Incoming and Outgoing mail servers.  Use the following:
    • Account type: IMAP
    • Incoming Mail Server: imap.maths.ox.ac.uk
    • Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.maths.ox.ac.uk
  • Click "Sign in" and then "Done".

Your mail is now configured.  You should see mail arriving in your inbox.

To configure CalDAV (calendar access)

  • In the Internet Accounts system preferences window, you will now see a Mail entry named "maths.ox.ac.uk".  Below that entry (at the bottom left of the window), click the plus "+" symbol.
  • Click "Add Other Account"
  • Click "CalDAV account"
  • In the window that appears, enter the following:
    • Account type: "Manual"
    • Username:  Your short e-mail address, i.e. <your maths log-in username>@maths.ox.ac.uk, e.g. @email
    • Password: your maths password.
    • Server address:  zimbra.maths.ox.ac.uk
  • Finally, click "Sign in"
  • Optionally check "Reminders" so your Zimbra reminders are also synchronised.


Please visit https://zimbra.maths.ox.ac.uk/ to check that your e-mail and calendar are synchronising correctly.  If not, please e-mail it-support@maths.ox.ac.uk.


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