Meeting Owl Pro

TMeeting Owl ProOwl Video Conferencehe department owns several Meeting Owl Pro devices, which facilitate hybrid meetings by providing a 360 degree view of the meeting room and automatically highlighting the people speaking. The Owl also has an integrated speaker and microphone. The bookable Owl device for smaller rooms (owl-01) can be used in individual offices or our meeting rooms for up to 16 people. For larger rooms (eg Higman Room or Boardroom), to get good coverage of the whole room, the two-Owl system (owl-02 in the booking system) can be booked. The master device would need to be plugged in to a laptop and the slave device needs to just be plugged into a power socket and be placed so that both Owls cover the room well .

The Owl simply plugs into your laptop via USB and the laptop then sees it as a camera, microphone and speaker. You will need to configure your Teams, Zoom, etc client to use those devices for your meeting. On Teams your should also advise the remote participants to right click on the room video and select "Fit to Frame" as otherwise the Teams client may crop some of the video that the Owl is sending.

The currently available Owls can be booked on the room booking system.

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