Configuring Outlook 2016/2019 for use with Zimbra

In order to use Outlook 2016/2019 with Zimbra you need to first download the Outlook Zimbra Connector which is installed by default on managed departmental machines (including those Windows machines available via RAP).

  • Open Outlook
  • You will be presented with the Welcome screen.
  • Click Next to continue to the Account setup Wizard.
  • Select Yes to set up an email account and click Next
  • Select "Manual setup or additional server types" and click "Next"
  • Select "Other -> Zimbra Collaboration Server"
  • In server name enter ""
  • Type in your password in the bottom text box and click "OK"
  • Click "OK" to restart Outlook

Once Outlook restarts it may take a very long time (up to a few hours) to sync all your email and shares, but you can start emailing straight away and emails should come in in a sensible order with newest ones coming in first, so you can interact with them.

Please bear in mind if you do this on a device not managed by the department (e.g. self-managed laptop or machine managed in some other department/place) then you are transferring data off department managed systems so need to carefully consider security and confidentiality. Most people would be better just using the Zimbra web interface to email when away from work (or running a mail client inside a remote session such as inside a RAP connection).


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