Connecting an iPhone/iPad to Zimbra

To connect your iPhone to the departmental mail and calendaring system, from the main screen:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Passwords & Accounts...
  3. Select Add Account...
  4. Select Microsoft Exchange
  5. Set your E-mail to the maths e-mail addres you wish to use, can be either @email or your long maths e-mail addres, e.g. @email
  6. Set server to:
  7. Set Domain to
  8. Set Username to your Maths account username
  9. Set Password to your Maths account password
  10. Give a description, e.g. Maths
  11. Select Next
  12. If prompted, please ensure you have set the On/Off slider for SSL to On
  13. Select Next
  14. Select Save

More information on setting up an iPhone for use with Zimbra may be found at…

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