Sharing mail folders and calendars

Sharing mail folders

When you select the item to share, you can select the top level folder or you can select a specific sub folder under the folder. If you select to share the top-level folder, all folders within that folder are also shared.

To share a mail folder

  1. Login to the web interface at
  2. Right-click on the folder you want to share.
  3. Click Share Folder. The Shared Properties dialog displays. Select whom to share with, e.g. Internal user
  4. Depending on with whom you share, you do the following:
    • For Internal users or groups, enter the email addresses and in the Role area select the access privileges.
    • For External guests, enter guest's addresses and the password to enter to view your mail folder.
    • For the Public, direct the public to the URL that displays in the URL area. For example, you could copy and email this URL to those you want to view the page.
  5. In the Message area select which type of message to send. This message can be sent to internal users and to external guests. The options are as follows:
    • Do not send mail about this share. No message is sent.
    • Send standard message. The standard share notification message is sent to the email address. This message includes the name of the mail folder that is being shared, your address, the grantee's address and the role assigned, with a list of the allowed actions.
    • Add a note to standard message. You can add additional information to the standard message.
    • Compose email in new window. Create and send a new email message.
  6. Click OK.

Accepting an invitation to share a mail folder

If you receive an email notice that you have been granted access to share another person's mail folder, you can accept or decline the share.

You can accept a share using the web interface as follows:

  1. Login to the web interface at
  2. Click Accept Share in the email. The Accept Share dialog opens and describes the role granted to you.
  3. Before you accept, you can change the folder name and select a color to high-light the folder.
  4. (Optional) Select to send a confirmation back to the Grantor.
  5. Click Yes. The folder is added to the grantee’s Overview pane. The message is moved to your Trash folder.

You may be able to accept invitations to share mail folders directly in other mail clients too.

As an alternative to accepting an invitation to share directly from the email received you can also

  1. login to the web interface
  2. click on the preferences tab and look in the sharing section of the preferences.
  3. In the sharing preferences you can search from items shared by other users simply by entering their name (as you start to type a name it will offer you the names of people who match) in the box marked Show folders shared with me by the following user, ticking the button next to this option and pressing the find shares button.

Information on related tasks

Sharing calendars

Sharing calendars works in the same way as sharing mail folders. All you need to do in the web interface is click on the calendar tab and right click the calendar you wish to share from the list of calendars in the left panel and select share calendar. You are now following the same process as for sharing a mail folder starting at step 4.

Movie demonstrating how to share a calendar

Setting your From address for a shared mailbox:

A) If you are using the Zimbra web-interface:

  1. Log into Zimbra:
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Select Mail -> Accounts
  4. Click "Add Persona"
  5. Persona name: "Shared Mailbox Name"
  6. From: "Shared Mailbox Name"
  7. address: "@email"
  8. Tick "When replying to messages sent to" and fill in "@email"
  9. Tick "Replying to or forwarding messages in folder(s), and select "shared-mailbox-name"
  10. Click "Save"

B) If you use Outlook

  1. Click Zimbra
  2. Click Personas
  3. Click Add
  4. Give the new persona a name (e.g. "reception")
  5. Select the newly created persona from the list.
  6. Change the From field to the "full name" and "address" for the shared mailbox (e.g. "SG Reception" and "@email")
  7. Leave the "reply-to" section blank, and do not tick the "set reply-to" box
  8. Click OK
  9. When composing a message, click the "From" button and select the persona you want to use from the dropdown menu
  10. There currently exists a bug where you may need to do the above step when replying to a message, even when it already appears to have the correct persona.


Setting your Sent folder for a shared mailbox:

  1. Log into Zimbra:
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Select Mail -> Filters
  4. Select "Outgoing Message Filters"
  5. Click "New Filter"
  6. Filter Name: "Shared Mailbox Name"
  7. "From" "contains" "@email"
  8. Perform following actions: "File into folder"
  9. Click "Browse", and select the "Sent" folder of the shared mailbox account
  10. Click "Ok"

If you also use Outlook, you'll need to follow these additional steps:

  • (Optional) Turn off putting all Sent items into the main account's Sent folder:
  1. click File
  2. click Options
  3. click Mail
  4. under the "Save messages" section, untick "Save copies of messages in the Sent Items folder"
  • For each mailbox, including the main account if you used the optional step above:
  1. click Home
  2. click Rules
  3. click Manage Rules & Alerts...
  4. click New Rule...
  5. click Apply rule on messages I send
  6. click Next
  7. tick "through the specific account"
  8. click "specified" in the "Step 2" box below
  9. select your account (or the relevant persona)
  10. click Next
  11. tick "move a copy to the specified folder"
  12. click "specified" in the "Step 2" box below
  13. select the "Sent" folder in your account (or of the relevant shared mailbox)
  14. click Finish
  15. click OK
  16. click Next
  17. repeat the above steps for any other shared mailboxes
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