Baby Changing

Note: the first aid/privacy room should not be used for baby changing in general.

Whilst having young children in the department is a rare event, it is possible that in relation to an attendee of an organised event or during a short visit that a baby may be on the premises.

If a space for baby changing is required then there are numerous large accessibility toilets around the building. These present a private managed environment, that is cleaned daily, with sufficient space to perform a nappy change, and facilities to wash your hands afterwards.

There are 4 such accessibility toilets around the mezzanine teaching space, one such toilet in core 5 close to the first aid/privacy room, and numerous other ones spread throughout the building (typically one per floor in cores 2 and 3).

As part of a planned visit it is expected that you have brought suitable materials such as a travel changing mat, wipes, nappies, and individual nappy disposal bags). Please note the nappy disposal bag should not be placed in the normal waste bins or femine hygiene bins as used nappies are classed as 'offensive hygiene waste (OHW)' and cannot be handled via either of these waste routes. Such waste should thus be taken away from the building at the end of the visit.

If a pop-up creche is provided within the building as part of an organised event additional baby changing facilities are considered for the duration of that creche.


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