Cycle Parking & Security

No Cycling Areas

Please be aware there is strictly no cycling permitted on the south and east sides of the building. Please dismount bikes on entering the site at gate 5 and proceed on foot if taking a bike over the Penrose paving and along the path along the eastern edge of the building.

External Cycle Parking

Fixed stand cycle parking is provided at several locations around the building for staff, visitor and students’ use. There is a significant external CCTV on the ROQ site, monitored by OUSS, but it is strongly advisable to secure your bike with a high quality D lock.

Secure Internal Cycle Parking & Showers

The internal bike store is accessed via the external lift at the Southern end of the building (facing Somerville College). Departmental members university cards will enable access to this lift (as with other doors a pin number is need for out of hours use) at ground and mezzanine (-1) level.

Once you have parked your bike you can access the building by exiting straight into the Mezzanine or via the core 5 staircase.

Showers are provided within core 5 at mezzanine level directly outside the cycle parking area. There are further showers in various locations around the building.

Security measures and advice from OUSS

The university security services sell bike lights and locks, and offer a bike registration scheme.

Bicycle repair

Note the university has a cycle maintenance scheme and the bike mechanic visits the ROQ site roughly every 2 weeks (set up is near the internal cycle store entrance by Somerville gates).

Bicycle Removal

The internal and external cycle parking is primarily for daily use and not for leaving bikes longer term. Bikes that appear to have been left for longer or abandoned will be periodically tagged and then removed.

Using a bicycle for official university business

People are generally familiar with the university expenses claim form and that one of its uses is to claim back travel costs when travelling on official university business. What some may not be aware of is that as well as being able to claim costs for travel by personal car, one can also claim costs for travel by personal bicycle (currently the rate is 20p per mile). However, journeys must be for official university business and must be over 5 miles (so typically over a 10 mile round trip), so this is unlikely to be relevant to most members of the department except in some special circumstances (in which case it is probably best to talk to the finance staff in advance to confirm the details).

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