Wall Fixings, Decorations and Noticeboards

Permanent fixtures to walls are generally departmental items.

If you wish to have other sizable items fixed to your office wall please first contact @email who can review the request and, where appropriate, fit the item to ensure appropriate fittings are used for the particular wall area (as some wall areas have patrising and others do not and the wrong fittings could result in the item falling off the wall or tearing sections of the wall surface away).

Odd smaller items such as the odd picture may be attached to the wall, e.g. with a small nail. If you would like assistance to hang a picture etc please contact @email

No decoration, personal items or signage should be installed in the communal areas of the building without first consulting @email and the Director of IT & Physical Resources. In particular do not stick items to the outside of office doors (which can result in damage and uneven fading and discolouration) or to the corridor walls (where it can result in removal and discolouration of the paint).

There is a large noticeboard near to the mail room and library where various departmental and university notices are displayed - the content of this noticeboard is managed by the reception team. There are further noticeboards in each print point and kitchenette. These noticeboards contain standard departmental notices relevant to the space or for information but may also be used by department members to display other work/departmental related materials -e.g. conference posters, mathematical seminar and society notices, departmental events information etc. Noticeboards and other display areas in the building should not be used for personal matters such as advertising rooms to let, items for sale, publicising personal activities, movements, causes, charities or societies etc. FM, Reception and other departmental staff may periodically review and remove out of date or unexpected items found on noticeboards. 

The Department has an Art Committee which oversees art, display and decoration in the communal areas.

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