Every office, meeting and teaching room has a phone. Under no circumstances move handsets between rooms. The phone number is tied to the handset and all phones are registered in the asset database with a specific location.

What is my number

The last 5 digits of the phone number are shown on the display of the phone. This 5 digit number is all you need to dial to call an internal number from an internal phone. To construct the 6 digit number needed to call from outside the university you either add a 6 (if the 5 digit number begins with a 1) or a 2 (if the 5 digit number begins with a 7 or an 8). The dialling code for those dialing from within the UK but outside Oxford is 01865.

Chorus Unify VOIP Phone System

Handsets throughout the building are the Unify 35G model which has the usual standard features including speaker phone/hands free operation.

To setup voicemail you need to set up your voicemail PIN first and then call the voicemail service by lifting the handset and pressing the Messages button.


The need to send or receive faxes these days should be very very rare. There is no physical fax machine in the building. 

The university closed its Fax to Email service in June 2023.

Email to Fax service

To use the fax to email service you need to send an email (from Nexus) to


where the message body of the email will be the content of the fax, plus any PDF or Word attachments, e.g. sending an email to FAXG3/@email would result in a fax to the number 44 1865 610021 (44 is the country code, the 1865 is the national code without the leading zero and the 610021 is the full extension number)

Fax to Email service

The department has a virtual fax number +44 (0)1865 615237. Faxes to this number are converted to emails that arrive at reception. Provided there are sufficient details on the fax reception should forward this to you.



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